Knight Harwood was founded by John Knight and Ian Harwood, who have been working together in construction for the better part of their 30 years in the industry. Their foundations were built over two decades of senior management spent primarily at Bovis and ISG, before starting Knight Harwood in 2005.

They are joined on the main board of directors by Tim Whittaker, Oliver Driscoll and Richard Harvell who oversee the construction, commercial and engineering disciplines in the business. The directors’ experience across a range of projects of different sizes and countries provides them with the experience to tackle almost any scheme. They are intensely Client and project focused, and committed to the wellbeing of staff and the success of the teams they work with including the consultants and suppliers.

This team embarked on a journey with the aim of building the best construction firm in London, and a business that people are proud of and want to belong to. They have surrounded themselves with like-minded and trustworthy people who share the common thread of strong work ethic and a passion for excellence.


Tim Whittaker, Oliver Driscoll, Richard Harvell
Ian Harwood and John Knight

Team 2018

The team at Knight Harwood is comprised of experts in various disciplines including services engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors and project administrators.

We are client-focussed and enjoy the challenge of perfecting every angle and detail of our projects.